Taxumo Celebrates Your Passion {Get Tax Help}, Cymplified!

Do you want to do something you love and earn from it at the same time? I think it’s safe to assume that most people want to turn their passions into profit. I know I do!

That’s what I had in mind when I made this Joyful Days planner inserts booklet. I love watercolor painting! Creating something nice and useful is my goal with this product. I even opened a Facebook shop on my page for it. All I need is a customer!

make the starbucks planner my own add inserts

Ha ha! Not really! First, I need to register my business name in DTI. Then, as a responsible citizen of the country, I need to pay my taxes.

Taxumo celebrates passion

But, doing and paying taxes could be so taxing! Good thing someone cares for us and created an online platform where we could pay these online.

What is Taxumo? Taxumo is a subscription-based online, DIY tax assistance platform for registered solo entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and freelancers. It is focused on tax submission and payment—making these processes easy for us.

How does it work? We only need to put in our income and expenses, and the system immediately computes our tax dues. That includes our monthly percentage sales tax (2551M), our quarterly income tax (1701Q)—and soon, our annual income taxes (1701).

Taxumo, through its simple and easy-to-understand dashboard, also reminds us when we need to pay. We no longer need to go to the BIR office or the bank to pay our tax dues. Only a few clicks, and we can process everything without leaving our homes or offices.

Taxumo testimonial

At the intimate launch celebration held in Commune Café+Bar, I shared a table with Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon. She’s a mommy blogger extraordinaire. I read her blog and am glad to have met her IRL. She’s friendly, conversational and open. How she writes in her popular blog is the same as how she converses. Amazing!

Here we are with adorable Mr. P! taxumo celebrates passion
Frances is one of the ambassadors of Taxumo. She uses the platform and is very satisfied with the convenience it allows her.

In her words,

Taxumo has helped me really pursue my passion, and not worry about the nitty gritty and yucky stuff of business. Because I don’t have a team to help me, it’s great that I can partner with another entity who can fix everything else for me. Now that I don’t have to worry about taxes, then all my passion, all my energy, all my time can go to my business—and most importantly to my family.

Taxumo ambassador, yoga teacher, and Treehouse Yoga studio owner Rach Bonifacio has loved her Taxumo experience so much, she tells her friends to use it too:

“I would tell them, ‘You know what, paying taxes should not be a pain every month.’ You can just go online and submit it—it’s easy as that.”

I agree! Businesses help the economy, therefore, business owners must instead be encouraged to pay taxes. I think that’s how Taxumo celebrates passion.

Try Taxumo today

According to EJ Arboleda, one of the founders,

We designed Taxumo to help every solopreneur, self-employed professional, and freelancer. With our affordable subscription plans which enables access to the many features on the platform, we hope everyone can begin to focus more on their passion and worry less about their taxes.

Sharing with you an overview of the subscription plans. taxumo celebrates passion

Visit to sign up! You can opt for a free trial.

Do you think Taxumo is for you? How do you think it will help?

The Master And Her Piece: Ruth Simons of Gracelaced, Cymplified!

It’s still April. It’s still my birthday month. It’s a gift for me to feature a beautiful and inspiring woman in The Master and Her Piece.

the master and her piece

It’s an interview I do with women who inspire me and others to live and create better. I ask questions about their masterpieces or their works, their inspiration and ideas, their motivation, their challenges and their advice; to hopefully encourage my readers, too.

Ruth Simons paints such beautiful flowers! That’s the first reason why I noticed and followed her on Instagram. I fell in love with her work more as she uses her paintings to bring God’s Word to people. 

It is also admirable how she is raising her six sons, teaching them about the Lord and compassion, championing her advocacy, painting, running her shoppe, making her home better and more; all by the grace of God.

It is my dream to do what I love, earn from it, spend time with my loved ones and inspire others to draw near to the Lord and follow Jesus, like what Ruth of Gracelaced does.


ruth simons art

1. Please tell me something about this masterpiece. A brief background.


All of my artwork is written out of the overflow of my circumstances and reliance on the Lord. I chose this dandelion piece as my masterpiece because of the truth that it reflects from God’s Word – that although our worries are as many as the seed pods of the dandelion, we are told to bring each of them to the Lord. And He doesn’t ask us to bring Him our worries simply out of duty or obedience, but because He actually cares for us!


2. What inspires you to create your masterpiece? Where do you get your amazing ideas?


My work flows out of what I’m going through and being exactly where the Lord wants me. Whether I’m burdened or joyful, I go to the Word to find my assurance. It is through Scripture and the overflow of my heart that my artwork is created. Whether there are words on my artwork or not, I want to reseed the truth of God’s Word and character back to myself daily.

ruth simons art

3. What motivates you to keep creating? Even if the little details seem so mundane, what pushes you to go on?


I paint things in order to behold the beauty of our Creator. What I behold, whether creation or the artwork that I produce, is truth that I preach back to myself.  The beauty of God and His creation speaks to me, and I desire to surround myself with reminders of His goodness and glory. I love watercolor and the way my eyes are drawn to the brush and paint, but ultimately, it is the beauty of my Creator that I want to behold.


4. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while creating your masterpiece? How did you overcome it?


My biggest challenge I’ve encountered as an artist is to not be a perfectionist, whispering lies of self-doubt to myself. Constantly judging one’s own work is the quickest way to kill creativity and voice. One of the ways I guard my heart from self-doubt and perfectionism is to not find inspiration on social media, where comparison inhibits rather than inspires sometimes. I really try and drink deeply from God’s Word and to study the beauty of His creation. When I’m simply reflecting His creativity, there’s freedom; He’s the only perfect one.

ruth simons art

5. What advice would you give to anyone who is toying with ideas, or in the process of putting her passion into action?


Sometimes, the Lord does not immediately allow you to use the gifts that He has given you.  Though I desired to be an artist for many years, I stayed home with my children for 12 years before starting to paint professionally. Now that I am able to paint consistently, I am so grateful that He has me exactly where I am. For new artists – pursue your passion! Just enjoy the journey if things don’t go exactly as you had planned. Our Savior cares for us and has a plan for our lives, including our art!


Whether you are using your God-given gifts or not yet, how are you enjoying your life journey?
Visit Ruth on her
and Instagram: @gracelaced


ruth simons art

The Master And Her Piece: Toni of Wifely Steps, Cymplified!

Welcome to another post of my blog feature, The Master and Her Piece. 


the master and her piece
It’s an interview I do with women who inspire me and others to live and create better. I ask questions about their masterpieces or their works, their inspiration and ideas, their motivation, their challenges and their advice; to hopefully encourage my readers, too.


Today, I am pleased to feature Toni Tiu, the exceptional blogger behind Wifely Steps. She has a way with words that really draws me into her stories and allows me to experience the emotions. I especially like her love stories, her yummy food adventures and posts about her fun times with her son.


Reading her answers to my questions, I feel inspired to write more, to create more. I hope you will feel the same when you start digesting these wise words from Toni of Wifely Steps. A treat awaits you, dear readers, at the end of this interview.

toni of wifely steps story

1. Please tell me something about this masterpiece. A brief background.


A lot of the poems and stories are inspired by love – frustrations, hopes, dreams, gratitude. There are so many ways to tell a story about love, so many ways to express it. I love writing about second-chance love, simply because I believe love never quits on you! There’s also unrequited love, with “the one who got away” fueling a lot of love daydreams (and delusions). Every poem and short story is a fragment of one big masterpiece, I believe. It’s a collection of poems and stories on love.


2. What inspires you to create your masterpiece? Where do you get your amazing ideas?


Inspiration comes from so many things. Sometimes I write a poem out of a burning desire to express anger, sadness or joy. It’s so cathartic. Other times I am inspired by a picture I see. I try to imagine a story behind the picture, and then write out my interpretation of the scene. Some pieces are borne out of my own frustrations, my own dreams. They may not happen in real life, but at least, on paper (or on-screen), they come to life.

toni of wifely steps poem

3. What motivates you to keep creating? Even if the little details seem so mundane, what pushes you to go on?


Emotions. Have you ever felt that heaviness in your heart when you wanted to cry but couldn’t, or wouldn’t? That’s how I feel with writing poetry and short stories. When there’s something begging to be written, begging to be expressed, I have to grab a pen and paper, or my laptop, and start pouring out the story. There’s always a story that wants to be told, but if you can’t tell it in an authentic, genuine way, it won’t come out truthful. So when I feel that surge of emotion in my chest, whether it’s elation or disappointment, I have to let it out. It’s when I’m most emotional that I create better. I think that’s what makes the best stories too.


4. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while creating your masterpiece? How did you overcome it?


My biggest challenge in creating stories is challenging my inner censor. Sometimes I’m afraid to put things on paper, because when it’s written down, it’s as if your dreams and frustrations are confronting you. “Why aren’t you doing anything about it?” “Aren’t you too old to be having these daydreams?” So I end up not writing, or if I do write I feel as if I’m blocking myself from spilling out the truth. Then I get stuck. To overcome it, I write stream-of-consciousness style. There’s no room for the inner censor there. If I feel it creeping up on my shoulder, I purposely ignore it, as if flicking it off my shoulder like a piece of dirt. It’s hard to be truthful to your emotions when logic and self-doubt are watching over your shoulder.


5. What advice would you give to anyone who is toying with ideas, or in the process of putting her passion into action?


Follow your truth. When you are genuinely excited or genuinely appalled by an idea or an emotion, express it. Whether it’s the written word, a pot of clay you shape with your hands, a watercolor painting, an interpretative dance — express your truth. The truth is your story, and it comes to life in so many ways. You are limitless in your creativity so celebrate that truth, celebrate those stories, celebrate those passions.

toni of wifely steps story

Toni shares poetry and short stories on her blog from time to time. She also has a secret page on her blog that she shares with limited readers (those who subscribe to her newsletter), and she’d like to share them with us! The link is 🙂 See you at the cove!


Thank you so much, Toni!

toni of wifely steps poem

Connect with Toni
on her blog,
on Facebook,
on Instagram, @toni.tiu

The Master and Her Piece: Martine of Make it Blissful, Cymplified!

Hello, February! It’s the month of hearts and for the fourth The Master and Her Piece feature, I would like to put the spotlight on a woman overflowing with love and bliss.

the master and her piece

It’s an interview I do with women who inspire me and others to live and create better. I ask questions about their masterpieces or their works, their inspiration and ideas, their motivation, their challenges and their advice; to hopefully encourage my readers, too.

When I think of the words intentional and blissful, Martine De Luna comes to mind. Because of her, I am inspired to always find the meaning in the moments and to blog with a sense of purpose. Martine is THE dainty mom of the blogosphere and her taste translates into her beautiful website, Make it Blissful. She is a blog coach extraordinaire who embraces womanhood, motherhood and community with other dedicated women.

I hope you also get inspired by Martine of Make it Blissful!

Thank you, Martine, for taking time to share your masterpiece and your inspiration.

martine of make it blissful


1. Please tell me something about this masterpiece. A brief background.
I consider the work that I do — blog coaching — as my “masterpiece.”


2. What inspires you to create your masterpiece? Where do you get your amazing ideas?
I think I am most inspired by people who are passionate about their own ideas. Whenever someone emails me asking to work with me, I always like to hear their ideas first and see if I am inspired by their ideas. That’s how I know we can be a good fit.


3. What motivates you to keep creating? Even if the little details seem so mundane, what pushes you to go on?
The actual work I do doesn’t result in me designing a blog or contributing something that is conventionally “artsy.” So what keeps me going is when I see clients flourish on their own, taking the lessons they’ve learned during coaching sessions and growing beyond those. Many of the clients I’ve had are far more successful and popular as bloggers than I am: I count these as successes, too, and it keeps me going.


4. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered while creating your masterpiece? How did you overcome it?
In my line of work, saying “no” to someone who might not be a good fit. It’s challenging, because I want to be helpful, I want to share my expertise. But then, I know that I work best with people (women, specifically) who can benefit from the mindset that I have towards blogging or branding or lifestyle design. Not everyone fits into that mindset, and so sometimes I have to say “no” to those people. It’s actually better for me, because I can confidently work with those I’ve said “yes” to, because they are an ideal fit for the work that I can offer.


5. What advice would you give to anyone who is toying with ideas, or in the process of putting her passion into action?
Never stop learning about what you could offer to the world. There are many needs to be filled out there, many ideas that need to be put to work. Sometimes finding your “art” or your “bliss” means working hard at it, testing it out, tweaking and improving an idea, launching it and maybe failing, until you find that need you were made to fill.

martine of make it blissful


How do you find or cultivate your bliss?


Visit: Make it Blissful blog
Follow: Make it Blissful Instagram, Martine’s Instagram


Fabulous Freebies, Cymplified!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

I went on a downloading spree of pretty watercolor cliparts and special fonts. I confess that I have a collection of fonts, backgrounds and vector images on my laptop and hard drive. This is my reminder to clean them up. But, before I do, I added more because they’re beautiful. Who knows? I might need them one day. That’s how I justify it. Haha! And, they’re free, so why not? 🙂

One of my go-to site for downloading images is Creative Market. Click the image to download free graphic design resources.

fabulous freebies from creative market


Like this:


One of the artists from Creative Market is Angie of Angie Makes. Have you visited the site? It’s simple yet it’s chock full of goodies. Angie makes fonts, watercolor flowers, vintage frames, backgrounds, sidebar graphics, social icons and much more. They’re serious eye candies! They would definitely spruce up girly blogs.


Angie also makes themes for sale: Shop Angie Makes WordPress Themes!

What are you waiting for? Download some fabulous freebies for your blog now!

So, which one do you need? 🙂

Celebrate Children’s Book Week with a Giveaway, Cymplified!

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Children's Book Week Kindle Kids Edition Giveaway 2015


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Online Shopping with iprice, Cymplified!

How do you purchase the things that you need and want when you are a stay-at-home-mom with very young children, and it’s very rare that you go out by yourself? And if you do, you limit your time so you could be home at the earliest chance possible?

a. You ask your husband.
b. You go online shopping.

Most of the time I choose letter b. I do not want to inconvenience my hubby. 😉

I know that I said that I plan to own less and create more this year. In fact, I have already given away many of the kids’ toys and some of my breastfeeding paraphernalia, including my breastfeeding tops, two years after the end of my breastfeeding journey. That is why I always weigh my choices, always asking: Do I really need it? Do I have space for it? Will I use it? Is it something that would contribute to the update of my wardrobe?

Update of my wardrobe?! I thought I’m purging! Yes, so I make sure I give away or sell a pair of shoes or a blouse before buying new ones. I know you might say that that is NOT purging since I’m replacing everything I removed. Well, hopefully, the new ones are of good quality and will last me years without buying more. One of the reasons I am updating my wardrobe is because I want to have clothes that are neutral in color. I think moms need to have their uniforms, too. Sounds crazy, right? But, it actually cuts down the time used in choosing what to wear and focuses on more important tasks & decisions, according to an article I read.

Aside from quality, I also look at the affordability. I have to work within a budget, you know? That is where iprice group comes in.

online shopping with iprice

I am always on the lookout for items that are marked down in my favorite shopping site ZALORA. That’s what I do when I “window shop” there. I add the items I fancy to my wish list and if I really like something very much that I keep thinking about it, provided the questions above are answered, then I add it to my bag. Sometimes, ZALORA will shower me with discount codes to keep me happy.

But, it is hard work keeping track of these discount codes and their expiry dates. That’s what iprice does. It informs me of sales happening in ZALORA, Lazada, Romwe and more. It also gives customers the latest coupon codes for further price reduction.

iprice shopping coupons

About iprice:

The people at (a team of young individuals, with a special mix of tech geeks, fashionistas and entrepreneurs) felt that the one thing missing from the online shopping experience was the one stop shopping destination that lets you easily find any product online, in an intuitive and visual fashion. With the rise of e-commerce in Southeast Asia and as more new online shops emerged, it became increasingly difficult to find the products one is looking for as well as the best offers and promotions.

Its mission is to create the most delightful online shopping experience. The site iprice aims to provide the widest selection of products across all categories, whether customers are looking for a blue dress, high heels, a backpack, or a new couch. With headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, it is quickly growing into the leading platform for online shoppers across seven markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

iprice shop

On my next shopping “trip”, I will remember to peruse iprice so I could take advantage of the discounts. You know what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Do you go online shopping? How was your experience?


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.