Time Alone, Cymplified!


Last Sunday, I scheduled a "me-time" to get a haircut and a foot spa with pedicure. That was the first on my agenda when I went to a mall in Manila all by myself. The hair stylist threw in a sales pitch of the hair treatment and a hair product the salon was selling just once or twice. I could tell he was trying not to insult me, or rather my hair, while saying my hair needed treatment. When I said no, I'm glad he didn't bug me anymore. I just wanted to have my hair cut and my feet scrubbed in … [Read more...]

Celestina & Co., Cymplified!


For my two daughters and three of their girl cousins from my side, I decided to buy hair adornments this Christmas. I chose the Ultimate Bow Set plus a Large Bow Headband as backdrop for the Paris Specialty Bow and the medium bow clips. I love how these "pretty little things for little girls" were made! Why? The quality of the handiwork is wonderful. It doesn't look as if they are going to fall apart anytime soon. These pretty little things are indeed for little girls because Ethel … [Read more...]

Mommy Treats, Cymplified!


I'm glad I got to experience Mommy Treats. Thank you, Ms. Paola for sponsoring a game in the baby shower at Medela House. I got to sample a week's supply of bite-sized cookies and muffins. I have to say they were yummy! I wasn't turned off by the supposed to be bitter aftertaste, which I found the strongest in the chocolate muffins. My favorite was the banana walnut flavor. When I felt a dip in my milk supply two weeks prior to this day, I ordered another week's supply of lactation treats. Of … [Read more...]

Pro-Lacta Malunggay Capsule, Cymplified!


This is one of my companions in this breastfeeding journey. As I have mentioned in this post, I won 2 small boxes of Pro-Lacta Malunggay lactation supplement. I think it is helpful in maintaining my milk supply. Pro-Lacta usually is part of the sponsors of mommy and breastfeeding events like the baby shower in Medela House and one of the La Leche League talk I attended. … [Read more...]

A Makati Shangri-La Stay (day 1), Cymplified!

photo taken by my hubby Rix

My friend is pregnant with her first child and I with my third. We thought of having a sort of joint photoshoot and stayed at Makati Shangri-La hotel to put some vouchers to good use. Caleb and I were warmly welcomed with smiles, the front desk ladies were enamored with his cuteness. The one assisting me even carried him while I sign some documents. I was disappointed with the Superior Rooms we were assigned with. They were so small and we didn't know if the shoot could be done there. We … [Read more...]

Sweet Tooth, Cymplified!

sinful chocolate cake

"There's always room for dessert!" I totally agree with whoever said that first. It's my favorite part of a meal, although I don't always have it (I can't actually, because I have a family history of Diabetes). It just is the perfect ending to a scrumptious main course. The motto I go with when dining is: save the best for last. It is fattening, I know, because one good thing could lead to another and the yumminess could have me craving for more. Sweets that I usually go … [Read more...]

30th Birthday, Cymplified!


Yesterday started with a visit to the laboratory where I had my blood drawn for my thyroid test. I stopped by a bakery to buy breakfast since I fasted for the test, but I realized I shouldn't have. Oh well! At least I had the appetite for some yummy egg pie, which costs 20Php for a big slice. Rix was told by his friend that there's a shoe sale going on in Tektite, so he decided he wanted to buy a pair for biking. We had lunch first at Shakey's then proceeded to find a slot in the almost full … [Read more...]