Pro-Lacta Malunggay Capsule, Cymplified!


This is one of my companions in this breastfeeding journey. As I have mentioned in this post, I won 2 small boxes of Pro-Lacta Malunggay lactation supplement. I think it is helpful in maintaining my milk supply. Pro-Lacta usually is part of the sponsors of mommy and breastfeeding events like the baby shower in Medela House and one of the La Leche League talk I attended. … [Read more...]

A Makati Shangri-La Stay (day 1), Cymplified!

photo taken by my hubby Rix

My friend is pregnant with her first child and I with my third. We thought of having a sort of joint photoshoot and stayed at Makati Shangri-La hotel to put some vouchers to good use. Caleb and I were warmly welcomed with smiles, the front desk ladies were enamored with his cuteness. The one assisting me even carried him while I sign some documents. I was disappointed with the Superior Rooms we were assigned with. They were so small and we didn't know if the shoot could be done there. We … [Read more...]

Sweet Tooth, Cymplified!

sinful chocolate cake

"There's always room for dessert!" I totally agree with whoever said that first. It's my favorite part of a meal, although I don't always have it (I can't actually, because I have a family history of Diabetes). It just is the perfect ending to a scrumptious main course. The motto I go with when dining is: save the best for last. It is fattening, I know, because one good thing could lead to another and the yumminess could have me craving for more. Sweets that I usually go … [Read more...]

30th Birthday, Cymplified!


Yesterday started with a visit to the laboratory where I had my blood drawn for my thyroid test. I stopped by a bakery to buy breakfast since I fasted for the test, but I realized I shouldn't have. Oh well! At least I had the appetite for some yummy egg pie, which costs 20Php for a big slice. Rix was told by his friend that there's a shoe sale going on in Tektite, so he decided he wanted to buy a pair for biking. We had lunch first at Shakey's then proceeded to find a slot in the almost full … [Read more...]

Wedding, Cymplified!

Planning my wedding was one of the happiest moments in my life. Although it was a bit stressful and confusing (we didn't have a wedding planner), I loved how it made Rix and I closer. I really felt we were partners and that we were doing this as a project together, like in school. It was exciting! We were like building a big puzzle and that we were seeing the picture come together gradually. If I were to have the chance to marry Rix again, I will and I would love to plan our wedding again. I … [Read more...]