Personal Trainers In The Pocket, Cymplified!

Why I need personal trainers

I used to think that I have a pretty balanced diet. I used to think that it was okay to indulge in junk food. Since I was playing badminton and volleyball in high school; walking from building to building in college, with gym sessions in between, then back to badminton when I was working; I thought ANY food was alright. Each morning my weight resets.

Now that I am in my mid 30’s, the lbs. are taking up permanent residency and are difficult to evict. My pregnancies and sedentary lifestyle were catching up to my chin, arms, belly and hips. Thus, I may need personal trainers!

I know that we hear this every time we think of becoming healthier and getting back to fitness.

Proper diet and exercise

Health and fitness discussions are like talking about religion, politics, and motherhood. There are so many facets and studies which are subjective to each person’s needs. There is no “one size fits all”. Personal trainers are there to develop tailored programs. But, that would require a sizeable budget.

That’s why there are various fad diets and trendy exercise regimes developed to increase the number of choices. We know that people nowadays consider the smartphone to be a need, that’s why almost all aspects of our lives require an app. Including fitness.

Aaptiv for busy moms

Being a mom is one of the reasons excuses that women like me do not exercise. We feel that working out entails a dedicated amount of time that we cannot give while we attend to the children. I have seen videos of parents exercising with their kids. So, it must be doable.

no excuses for having personal trainers

One application that aims to help mothers engage in physical activities again is Aaptiv. It was founded “with the goal of bringing an elevated workout experience to a global community.” They “use technology to make that experience accessible anytime, anywhere – whether you’re working out at your local gym in LA or running outside while traveling in London.”

I tried it out and these are what I liked:

  • There are different levels for different people. Since I was just beginning to work out again, I chose the one for beginners.
  • It shows how long a workout will be, therefore I know how much time I will commit. There are short ones that could be squeezed into the children’s naptime.
  • It’s like Spotify for fitness, with catchy upbeat background music. I can have my own army of personal trainers right in my pocket! They motivate me and set the pace.
  • I can use it for a variety of exercises. Whether I am on the treadmill, the elliptical, the stationary bike or I’m doing ab workout, etc., there is a program for each.
  • There’s even a workout for pregnant women. With the clearance of the OB, of course.

Here are what I saw as disadvantages:

  • Aaptiv seemingly caters mostly to auditory learners. There are people who can do better with videos, especially ones that require instructions.
  • Since this is audio, like a podcast, more concentration is required because one might miss out, unlike when a person is just copying the movements visually.
  • A knowledge of the exercise terms would be beneficial for using this app.

personal trainers in the pocket with aaptiv fitness app

If you need fitness programs on-the-go, click here to sign up for $9.99 per month or start a free trial. Other modes of subscriptions are available.

Do you workout? What type of fitness apps or exercise programs work for you? Please share!

Taxumo Celebrates Your Passion {Get Tax Help}, Cymplified!

Do you want to do something you love and earn from it at the same time? I think it’s safe to assume that most people want to turn their passions into profit. I know I do!

That’s what I had in mind when I made this Joyful Days planner inserts booklet. I love watercolor painting! Creating something nice and useful is my goal with this product. I even opened a Facebook shop on my page for it. All I need is a customer!

make the starbucks planner my own add inserts

Ha ha! Not really! First, I need to register my business name in DTI. Then, as a responsible citizen of the country, I need to pay my taxes.

Taxumo celebrates passion

But, doing and paying taxes could be so taxing! Good thing someone cares for us and created an online platform where we could pay these online.

What is Taxumo? Taxumo is a subscription-based online, DIY tax assistance platform for registered solo entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and freelancers. It is focused on tax submission and payment—making these processes easy for us.

How does it work? We only need to put in our income and expenses, and the system immediately computes our tax dues. That includes our monthly percentage sales tax (2551M), our quarterly income tax (1701Q)—and soon, our annual income taxes (1701).

Taxumo, through its simple and easy-to-understand dashboard, also reminds us when we need to pay. We no longer need to go to the BIR office or the bank to pay our tax dues. Only a few clicks, and we can process everything without leaving our homes or offices.

Taxumo testimonial

At the intimate launch celebration held in Commune Café+Bar, I shared a table with Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon. She’s a mommy blogger extraordinaire. I read her blog and am glad to have met her IRL. She’s friendly, conversational and open. How she writes in her popular blog is the same as how she converses. Amazing!

Here we are with adorable Mr. P! taxumo celebrates passion
Frances is one of the ambassadors of Taxumo. She uses the platform and is very satisfied with the convenience it allows her.

In her words,

Taxumo has helped me really pursue my passion, and not worry about the nitty gritty and yucky stuff of business. Because I don’t have a team to help me, it’s great that I can partner with another entity who can fix everything else for me. Now that I don’t have to worry about taxes, then all my passion, all my energy, all my time can go to my business—and most importantly to my family.

Taxumo ambassador, yoga teacher, and Treehouse Yoga studio owner Rach Bonifacio has loved her Taxumo experience so much, she tells her friends to use it too:

“I would tell them, ‘You know what, paying taxes should not be a pain every month.’ You can just go online and submit it—it’s easy as that.”

I agree! Businesses help the economy, therefore, business owners must instead be encouraged to pay taxes. I think that’s how Taxumo celebrates passion.

Try Taxumo today

According to EJ Arboleda, one of the founders,

We designed Taxumo to help every solopreneur, self-employed professional, and freelancer. With our affordable subscription plans which enables access to the many features on the platform, we hope everyone can begin to focus more on their passion and worry less about their taxes.

Sharing with you an overview of the subscription plans. taxumo celebrates passion

Visit to sign up! You can opt for a free trial.

Do you think Taxumo is for you? How do you think it will help?

Family Getaway: Jeju Island Trip Preparation, Cymplified!

I was looking forward to this trip. I also was not. One thing I was sure of is that there must be a Jeju Island trip preparation for our family.

I looked forward to cooler weather since it turned sizzling summer here in the Philippines. I also looked forward to experiencing some of my family’s firsts. It was our first time to travel internationally together. It was our first time to set foot on Korea. It was our first time to experience Spring. It was our first time to see Cherry Blossoms in person.

I didn’t look forward to the packing and unpacking before and after trips, as usual. I didn’t look forward to the very cold weather, lest the children would have gotten sick. I didn’t look forward to lots of walking. But, all of these, we overcame. Yay! I am so thankful to God they didn’t catch a cold or fever.

Thanks to the smartphone, to the winter jackets & beanies that we bought and to the warm clothes that we borrowed/were given, we stayed mostly warm. It really pays to be prepared for trips to unknown weather, especially with children in tow.

How to prepare for Spring in Jeju:
  • Living in a tropical country with only a wet and a dry season, I needed more information about the place we were traveling to. I checked the temperature on my phone’s weather app from time to time. I googled photos of Jeju Island and what the people were wearing during Spring. I read the itinerary.
  • Knowing that the temperature will be around 7-12ºC got me asking family and friends for clothing recommendations. My main concern was the children and good thing we saw winter jackets for kids at Terranova. Thanks, Marg, for the reco! What’s great about buying out-of-season clothes was the big discount! We even bought boots for our eldest! It helped us save a lot, especially if these items would be used just once or twice.jeju island trip preparation - winter jackets
  • Spring is right after winter, therefore, I think it would still be chilly. The kids would need protection from the cold. I decided to purchase beanies from @crochetbymrsc and I’m glad I did. Too bad the gloves from Lazada would take a month to ship (from abroad) and it was already the beginning of March!

    kids on jeju island cliffside
    @ daepo jusangjeolli cliff (주상절리(대포동지삿개))
  • One of my friends suggested applying petroleum jelly on the nostrils to avoid nosebleed as a result of breathing in cold and dry air. I bought a tiny jar for the trip and it also worked on minimizing the redness of their noses and cheeks. The wind was really biting and I have felt my face starting to get numb!
  • There was an app called PackPoint, which helped me pack the luggage. I entered our destination and travel dates (it then predicted the temperature), the activities and if there would be babies; then it generated lists of things to bring. Because of it, I remembered to put lip balm in my kikay kit.
  • Because of the walking tours in the itinerary, we packed rubber shoes for the girls since they were in boots. The children might get sweaty from the activities so I packed lots of cloth diapers (lampin). Well, both items didn’t get used, but it’s better to be ready for anything, right?
  • Uncertainty of the public restrooms in another country brings anxiety. Teaching our kids how to use them is one way to prepare for traveling. What I loved about Jeju Island is that there are public restrooms everywhere! Most of them are clean.
  • One of the perks, and also challenges of traveling is the very different cuisine that the country has. It’s a perk because we got to try something authentic and new. It’s a challenge when you have kids who are picky eaters. One preparation for this aspect of the trip is the exposure of the kids to different food and constantly telling them to “always try it first”. I like these words directed at children I read in a parenting article: “Try something of everything. Eat everything of something.”
  • Going on family day-outs and local family getaways got the children ready for one important thing when traveling: Staying together! 

    family with cherry blossoms in jeju island
    the jeju cherry blossom festival (제주 왕벚꽃축제) @ area surrounding nearby jeju sports complex

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip. I am definitely missing the cool climate!

Fabulous Freebies, Cymplified!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

I went on a downloading spree of pretty watercolor cliparts and special fonts. I confess that I have a collection of fonts, backgrounds and vector images on my laptop and hard drive. This is my reminder to clean them up. But, before I do, I added more because they’re beautiful. Who knows? I might need them one day. That’s how I justify it. Haha! And, they’re free, so why not? 🙂

One of my go-to site for downloading images is Creative Market. Click the image to download free graphic design resources.

fabulous freebies from creative market


Like this:


One of the artists from Creative Market is Angie of Angie Makes. Have you visited the site? It’s simple yet it’s chock full of goodies. Angie makes fonts, watercolor flowers, vintage frames, backgrounds, sidebar graphics, social icons and much more. They’re serious eye candies! They would definitely spruce up girly blogs.


Angie also makes themes for sale: Shop Angie Makes WordPress Themes!

What are you waiting for? Download some fabulous freebies for your blog now!

So, which one do you need? 🙂

Online Shopping with iprice, Cymplified!

How do you purchase the things that you need and want when you are a stay-at-home-mom with very young children, and it’s very rare that you go out by yourself? And if you do, you limit your time so you could be home at the earliest chance possible?

a. You ask your husband.
b. You go online shopping.

Most of the time I choose letter b. I do not want to inconvenience my hubby. 😉

I know that I said that I plan to own less and create more this year. In fact, I have already given away many of the kids’ toys and some of my breastfeeding paraphernalia, including my breastfeeding tops, two years after the end of my breastfeeding journey. That is why I always weigh my choices, always asking: Do I really need it? Do I have space for it? Will I use it? Is it something that would contribute to the update of my wardrobe?

Update of my wardrobe?! I thought I’m purging! Yes, so I make sure I give away or sell a pair of shoes or a blouse before buying new ones. I know you might say that that is NOT purging since I’m replacing everything I removed. Well, hopefully, the new ones are of good quality and will last me years without buying more. One of the reasons I am updating my wardrobe is because I want to have clothes that are neutral in color. I think moms need to have their uniforms, too. Sounds crazy, right? But, it actually cuts down the time used in choosing what to wear and focuses on more important tasks & decisions, according to an article I read.

Aside from quality, I also look at the affordability. I have to work within a budget, you know? That is where iprice group comes in.

online shopping with iprice

I am always on the lookout for items that are marked down in my favorite shopping site ZALORA. That’s what I do when I “window shop” there. I add the items I fancy to my wish list and if I really like something very much that I keep thinking about it, provided the questions above are answered, then I add it to my bag. Sometimes, ZALORA will shower me with discount codes to keep me happy.

But, it is hard work keeping track of these discount codes and their expiry dates. That’s what iprice does. It informs me of sales happening in ZALORA, Lazada, Romwe and more. It also gives customers the latest coupon codes for further price reduction.

iprice shopping coupons

About iprice:

The people at (a team of young individuals, with a special mix of tech geeks, fashionistas and entrepreneurs) felt that the one thing missing from the online shopping experience was the one stop shopping destination that lets you easily find any product online, in an intuitive and visual fashion. With the rise of e-commerce in Southeast Asia and as more new online shops emerged, it became increasingly difficult to find the products one is looking for as well as the best offers and promotions.

Its mission is to create the most delightful online shopping experience. The site iprice aims to provide the widest selection of products across all categories, whether customers are looking for a blue dress, high heels, a backpack, or a new couch. With headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, it is quickly growing into the leading platform for online shoppers across seven markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

iprice shop

On my next shopping “trip”, I will remember to peruse iprice so I could take advantage of the discounts. You know what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Do you go online shopping? How was your experience?


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.

Hands Free And Connected, Cymplified!

Unless one works and lives away from his immediate family, he has no excuse to be glued to the computer or the smartphone all the time. His full presence and undivided attention would be very much appreciated by those who are with him, by his loved ones. The video below is a great reminder for me, and hopefully for you as well, to let go of that gadget for a few minutes and be all there for your parents, your kids, your friends. The video calls on us to disconnect to connect.

In line with this, I discovered a wonderful blog that inspires me to start “letting go… to grasp what really matters.” It’s called and Rachel, the author, welcomes her readers with this blurb:

I’m going Hands Free. I want to make memories, not to-do-lists. I want to feel the squeeze of my daughter’s arms, not the pressure of over-commitment. I want to get lost in conversation with my spouse, not consumed by a sea of unimportant emails. I want to be overwhelmed by sunsets that give me hope, not by extracurricular commitments that steal my joy. I want the noise of my life to be a mixture of laughter and gratitude, not the intrusive buzz of cell phones and text messages. I am letting go of distraction, disconnection, and perfection to live a life that simply, so very simply, consists of what really matters. I’m going Hands Free. And if this sounds like a life you want to start living, come along. A Hands Free revolution starts here! I hope you will join me!



Her journey towards being a hands free mama resonated with me because I want to discover joy, inspiration and colorful memories in very simple and very ordinary days with my husband and children, hence this blog. And I cannot open my eyes and heart to these wonderful things that truly matter if they are focused somewhere else.

I am taking baby steps and being conscious of my cellphone usage around my children. I want to connect with them by disconnecting from the Internet, even for just a while. I want to be present with them by being absent from social media. I want to lead them to Jesus by straying from the demands of the world.

And when Ella asked me to draw minions with her,

subjects of her drawing one afternoon
subjects of her drawing one afternoon, instagrammed!

I did not refuse. 🙂

What do you think of being hands free and connected with what really matters in life?

Breast Cancer Awareness, Cymplified!

This month, I am very aware of my breasts because I am breastfeeding my third baby. I haven’t realized how much “beating” they were taking until now, when the tips are tender and a little sore. This is especially evident for me when I dry myself with a towel, extra care is needed not to hit my “girls”, which is so darn hard! This is one of the reasons I am having a bit of second thoughts on breastfeeding. I have to admit, it is a difficult endeavor and it takes a lot of willpower to go on. This time, I am also aware of one of the dreaded women’s disease called Breast Cancer.

Since October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month as well as SIDS Awareness month, one of the benefits of breastfeeding, according to this article, is a reduced risk of contracting breast cancer. That is a definite plus for me. You see, like a dark cloud, Breast Cancer looms threateningly over me since it claimed the life of my maternal grandma. I seem to be half expecting I’d have it one day. I even had a scare one time. Thank God the ultrasound result was negative. I am tempted to try this procedure called Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging that costs 9000Php, as shared by @momblogger.

I pray to God for protection, especially for my children’s, that this disease will not touch us. I admit I am scared of pain. I know that cancer can be very, very painful. I hope that no one will ever have any kind of cancer. And for those who are fighting the battle, may God grant them even more strength and faith.