Family Day Out: Quezon Memorial Circle, Cymplified!

Quezon Memorial Circle

Several families had the same idea as ours. That is to bring the kids to Quezon Memorial Circle on Sunday. The last time I went there, my hubby and I bought plants for his hydroponic garden. The first time I went there was on a date with him as a boyfriend. We bought a pack of chicharon that had human-like hairs.  😯

It’s surprising to learn of the many activities families could enjoy inside. This link take you to a closer look at the place. Who knew that this national park in Quezon City was so big?

@ Quezon Memorial Circle
“Mama, take pictures of them.” So I whipped out my phone and took these. These were the only photos I took in Quezon Memorial Circle as I was absorbing the sights around us. Also, for safety since there were a lot of people.


@ Quezon Memorial Circle
I loved its color and its bushy tail!

We went in the afternoon and found out that the museum closed at four. Aww… Thus, we kept on walking. We arrived where the “action” is. Circle of Fun was the small amusement park. Circle of Joy was the overcrowded playground.

Hunger struck, therefore we had snacks at the food area in the vicinity. Rows of booths sold various food products. We had shawarma, fries, juice, tokwa’t baboy, and hotdogs on sticks.

what we did there

After that, we went over to Pedal & Paddle. As the name implied, it’s where we can pedal and paddle. We opted for the pedal with bikes going around a track. I was intrigued by the sky bike, though. We saw people paddle on the small lake on swan-shaped boats.

My legs felt like jelly after 15 minutes on the tandem bike. The youngest rode with me, the boy rode with his dad, and the eldest rode on her own. The children weren’t satisfied, that’s why I accompanied them on the small carousel. I got dizzy. Good thing I didn’t throw up. Haha!

It was growing dark when we walked back to our car.

We had dinner at The Big Cheese! Pizza. We had the place all to ourselves! Is that a good sign?

The Big Cheese! Pizza


The Big Cheese! Pizza

Yet, we loved the pizza! The toppings were tasty, not salty. The dough was delicious.

The Big Cheese! Pizza
The boy wanted pepperoni pizza. That’s a dish of garlic parmesan fries below it. Yum!


The Big Cheese! Pizza
The 10-cheese overload for my cheese-loving girls.

I was amazed at the sink at the hand-washing area. It’s operated using pressure from the knee.

The Big Cheese! Pizza
Here the kids were enjoying the blue lemonade, which, IMO was a tad too sour.

I hope we get to visit the Quezon Monument Museum next time. Quezon Memorial Circle is great for a Sunday walk with the family.


Have you been here before? What were the things you did?

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56 thoughts on “Family Day Out: Quezon Memorial Circle, Cymplified!

  1. There’s no nice park here near our place. Mostly malls. I hope the government will have funds to build parks and playground.
    It’s really nice to bring kids to other places where they can explore talaga. Nagutom ako sa pizza. Napa order tuloy ako bigla hehehe!

  2. Been to QC Circle several times but seen no changes over the years. The most important thing that you shared here is the importance of family bonding no matter if you are in a theme park in SG or in Luneta. I love how you value your time with your love ones but you got me curious about The Big Cheese Pizza. Where is that place and how much is their pizza?
    Macy Santos recently posted..Grammys 2017 Winners List: Adele bags major awards- Beyonce video

  3. OMG that pizza made me hungry! I’ve only been to Quezon Memorial Circle a few times since we live on the opposite side of the city but my QC dwelling friends says that its nice there now compared to 10 years ago.

  4. Been such a long time since I’ve been to QC Circle. I think the last time pa was when I was still a student in UP. Great that you spend time with your kids at the park, quality time talaga away from gadgets. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been to Quezon city activity areas to be honest. We just pass by it when going to the North. I love it that little by little the Philippines has been rejuvenating parks and places for families to get together. My oldest memories goes back to the time when CCP complex was open for everyone. 🙂

  6. I haven’t been to QC, much less visited the memorial circle, for a long time. Though when my Dad was still alive, he and my mom would spend time there in the afternoons after my Dad’s check up at NKTI back then. Maybe I should bring my little boy there one of these days.
    Liz A recently posted..The Control-Freak Has Migrated!

  7. It looks like you enjoyed your time at the QC Circle. It’s been awhile since we went there. We also had fun in their playground. Btw, the pizza looks mouthwatering!

  8. It’s been too long since I’ve been to Quezon Memorial Circle.. I remember when I was younger, a lot younger hehe… whenever I stay with them, my ninong would bring us to Quezon Memorial Circle. We even went inside the tower (if that’s what it’s called hehe). Ah memories! If only this park is close to us! I would do the same with my daughter. 🙂 Btw, the place you dined in looks good! Made me crave for cheese pizza! 😀
    Coi recently posted..OPPO F1S: Travel Essentials

  9. Love walking around with the kids, too. Great learning opportunity for them because we’re there to explain things like following traffic rules and general etiquette when in public. The cat on the 2nd photo, love the color!

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