Valentine’s Day {2015}, Cymplified!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The day of hearts is not really a big deal in our family. So, I was not expecting anything, although my heart is secretly hoping for something. Hehe! Imagine my happiness when my hubby informed me that we were going out for lunch yesterday. Yay!

Unlimited shabu-shabu + unlimited #Magnum = fantastic pre-Valentine’s lunch #Valentines

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On the buffet spread were also steamed rice and braised pork. For dessert, aside from Magnum, there were also other flavors of ice cream like halo-halo and mango, plus taho, mango pudding and maja mais. Although the desserts in Huat Pot were tempting, we still find the shabu-shabu soup of King One more delicious and the ambience classier and cozier.    

From my eldest to us! I love that she thought of giving us a token. #Valentines #sweet #VSCOcam A photo posted by Cym M (@ceemee) on

When our eldest came home, she brought a Valentine’s gift for all of us. She used her own money to buy it. I’m touched at this gesture!

Happy Valentine’s Day! #Flowers from SIL! Have to find a makeshift vase. #Valentines

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Today, I received a bouquet of assorted flowers from my sister-in-law and her husband. They’re so thoughtful! I put the long stemmed ones in a jar and the shorter ones in another. I am inhaling the fragrance of the blooms as I blog.

How are you celebrating your Valentine’s Day? If you’re not, then, what are your thoughts about this day?

Oh, February is not only love month, it’s also the heart month. The literal heart, as in the one beating inside us. So, here’s a link to a reminder to take care of our heart, and not just to keep it from getting hurt emotionally.

Your Healthy Heart Protocol

Today is also International Book Giving Day. If you haven’t any gift for your loved ones yet or if she doesn’t prefer flowers and chocolates, a book could be wonderful.

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That’s my simple and sweet Valentine so far. Have a good Saturday, dears!

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22 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day {2015}, Cymplified!

  1. Wow, the gestures of your family are exceedingly endearing! Your daughter certainly didn’t have any second thoughts to purchase the heart-shaped balloon and at a very young age, her thoughtfulness has been established! Your mommy skills are amazing. Belated happy heart’s day! 🙂
    Ida recently posted..PLDT Kaasenso: Your Partner To Succeed

  2. I am not also expecting anything like flowers in Valentines day because it’s not hubby’s thing LOL. But I am always looking forward to spend time with him and I think that’s important than anything else. Happy Valentine’s day. 🙂
    Jess recently posted..CSV – My Friend!

  3. I used to expect a lot on Valentine’s day but this year I bought myself a greentea latte and a nice dinner with a friend. 🙂

    I think it’s better not to expect anything on this day so when you do get something it’s so much more sweeter. 🙂
    Donna | HEYLADYSPRING.COM recently posted..The lost week Vol.1

  4. You are one blessed gal!. You have a sweet family.

    In our family, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to get together and eat a lot and I love it.

    Regarding your question about my glitter letters on my banner. It’s not a photo, I actually customized them using adobe fireworks.. Thanks for you interest.

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