Oh! Brighter Days, Cymplified!

One of the ways that we express ourselves is through the design of our homes. We hang art or display decorative yet functional items that reflect our tastes. The flow of the space is based on our routines and habits. That is why when designing interiors, it is important to know the general lifestyle of the homeowners and their personalities. Do you agree?

Speaking of personality, we can add it to our living spaces by using furniture that have bright hues to serve as accent or conversation pieces, or to break the monotony of monochrome.

An example of such a piece is this pretty pastel desk:

oh brighter days desk
such mouth-watering colors!


I attended the Heima x Googly Gooeys Oh! Brighter Days collection launch one sunny Saturday. It was a lovely and colorful afternoon. There were lots of brightness going around; of furniture, of decor and of smiling faces.

About #OhBD:

about oh! brighter days

Guests were treated to sweetness for the mouth:

served at the oh! brighter days launch

And sweetness for the eyes:

And sweetness for the heart:

tippy & pong @ oh! brighter days
played paparazzi to these love birds!


Congratulations to Tippy and Pong for this Oh! Brighter Days collaboration with Heima!


Head on to Heima Brixton and snap up a chair or a table to brighten up your homes and have oh brighter days ahead!

Check out their website: www.heimastore.com


Would you consider a colorful furniture? Which one do you like best?

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  1. The flow of the space based on our routines and habits. – I totally agree. I have a growing toddler, our interiors are very minimal. I guess I can only decorate when he grows up a little bit more. I love pastel colors. Elegant looking.

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