Learning Basic Calligraphy From Cher, Cymplified!

Calligraphy is so popular these days. There are even fonts being made out of calligraphy. It’s different from the Chinese calligraphy that I learned in high school, though. The calligraphy that people over at Instagram do is the art of decorative handwriting. It’s the way one writes a certain letter which makes it beautiful, a work of art in itself.

I have not tried calligraphy before. I wasn’t interested because 1. I have no idea what pens to use. 2. I have poor handwriting.

Then, my former college blockmate in UP, Cher, invited me to her private basic calligraphy workshop called Cher’s Calligra-class 1.0. I decided to go because I wanted to support her. I have always admired her calligraphy works from the time I started following her on Instagram. Like her post below:

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I used the GrabTaxi service to get to K&L Café, my eldest accompanied me. It started just a few minutes after we got there. Cher and this set of calligraphy materials greeted me:  

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Looking at the implements used in calligraphy could be overwhelming. There are so many kinds of ink and there are so many kinds of nibs, even nib holders, out there. Learning basic calligraphy could be intimidating for beginners like me. I had many questions.

What kind of nibs would be suitable for me?

Would being heavy-handed be an issue?

What if I break a nib?

Oh, no! I have a spillage! What should I do? (Yes, I spilled my ink… in the workshop and here at home, I need more ink!)

Thanks to Cher, learning basic calligraphy was also fun. She shared with us her experiences, her works and most especially, encouragement to motivate us. The following days, I tried completing the worksheets she provided. I also used my calligraphy set in addressing my daughter’s birthday invitations.


#calligraphy -ing my daughter’s birthday invites. Haha! Need more practice.

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Cher will be holding two separate calligraphy workshops this coming July 18 and 19. Click the photo below to sign up!

Have you tried doing calligraphy? Care to share a link to your works? 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Learning Basic Calligraphy From Cher, Cymplified!

  1. Agree, calligraphy is so popular. This is one of my elective subject in HS but that was the first and last time na nagsulat ko. hehehe! Sayang, I lost my book where I copied different styles.
    Michi recently posted..Know your Holiday

  2. I also wanted to try calligraphy but I’m afraid of first time activities. I wish I have a support system in times like this. Haha

    1. Oo nga! Although I never had nice handwriting, I sometimes prefer to write on my notebook. I wish to have a Moleskine nga eh. *sighs*

  3. I’ve always been interested with calligraphy. I’m just afraid to mess up with the inks hehehe. But this is a good way to exercise long-forgotten hand crafts. I’ve been putting my hands and fingers too much on tech gadgets that sometimes, I even find it awkward to write.
    Aileen recently posted..What I Learned From Fasting

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