Family Getaway: Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Hits & Misses, Cymplified!

After lunch and a brief meeting, we headed to Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay in our family car filled with bags and excitement. I was waiting for this day for ages! The anticipation didn’t prevent the kids from dropping off to sleep, though. They did wake up upon nearing the venue. Since we used a Deal Grocer coupon, the check-in was a breeze.

hotel kimberly tagaytay summer display

Hotel Kimberly was a bright four-storey hotel decked out in indigenous design materials and furniture. It’s not the city-type hotel that’s a skyscraper, which is sleek and modern. I kind of expected the latter, though, complete with a hotel stationery and pen, which they do not have. Despite that fact, our room was clean, very spacious since the voucher was for four, and had two queen size beds. It’s perfect for our family of five. I was also glad there was a bidet! Next time, I need to remember to request a T&B with bathtub. 😀

hotel kimberly room


  • Huge hotel room
  • Two queen size beds
  • Bidet in the clean bathroom
  • Small balcony with a table and chairs where one could opt to have coffee, write or draw


  • No letterhead paper and pen
  • Tiled floor in the room, not carpeted
  • Faulty telephone shower holder
  • Unreliable Internet connection
  • Tricky TV and channel box

While it was still very sunny and hot outside, we rested for a bit, perused the slow Internet and the children had snacks. When I have slathered sun block on the kids, it was time to head outdoors to the playground and to the farm. To give in to their repeated requests for playtime under the sun. They loved to climb and slide. They also tried the three-swing set made with old tires.

hotel kimberly playground

Playing was followed up with a long visit to the petting zoo. Once the kids entered the rabbit and guinea pig enclosure, it took quite some time for them to come out. Including me! We just love the rabbits and bunnies. They’re super soft and adorable! Feeding them leaves and stroking the soft fur were our favorite activities. We’re thankful to the farm hand who gave us bunches of leafy branches and took out a frisky baby rabbit for us to hold. It kicked about that we were scared we would drop it. But, it was 100x cuter and softer, with still small ears, beady eyes and tiny nose. Kakagigil!

hotel kimberly rabbits

hotel kimberly bunnies
bunnies… so fluffeh!!!!!


“I thought you’re a man”, my eldest said. She was talking to the sheep which bleated in a low and manly sound. Haha! These rams also had a share of the leaves.

hotel kimberly sheep

I went over to photograph the horses and a pony. I had the scare of my life when the baby trotted over to me, sniffed my forearm and bit it! Yikes!

hotel kimberly horses
this li’l dude swiftly rose up from a relaxed pose to “attack” the photographer, haha!


Little time was left to feed the chicken, ducks, turkeys and geese before drops of rain pelted us. We ran across the grass to the safety of the hotel restaurant where we claimed our welcome drinks – four glasses of iced tea. It was on day two that we visited the rest of the animals. There were pot-bellied pigs, peacocks, a cockatoo, and a wildcat.


  • Sizable grassy area for the kids to run on
  • Numerous activities on the playground
  • Adorable rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Roaming horses and sheep, plus a good variation of animals


  • The pig area was littered with garbage

Dinnertime came suddenly and we drove to Leslie’s Restaurant to have local food. The streets greeted us with thick fog. Bulalo, chicken-pork Adobo, and Pancit Canton greeted our famished tummies.

After a filling dinner, we ventured to the new Starbucks in Twin Lakes 11 kilometers away. It was said to be the most beautiful Starbucks store in the Philippines. Light rain was falling so we decided not to sit outside anymore, lest the kids get wet.

A cup of hot cappuccino and a sweet banoffee pie were my perfect caps to a day of adventure.

I cannot wait to wake up to a delicious breakfast.

Usually, I get excited for hotel breakfasts. I was! Until I saw and tasted the spread. I just had garlic rice, scrambled eggs, salty hotdogs and cloyingly sweet sausages. It was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for pancakes, cereals and milk for the kids. And bacon. ;-P

Well, we just swam it off in the kiddie pool! So glad it was a sunny morning since the water’s a bit cold.


  • Kids’ pool in addition to the adults’


  • The breakfast had limited options
  • And somewhat unpalatable

We had a final visit to the farm (petting the rabbits, mostly) before heading home from our short escape.

Would you visit Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay? Why or why not? 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Family Getaway: Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Hits & Misses, Cymplified!

  1. Thank you for this review. We’re excited to go to Tagaytay with our toddlers and have booked at this hotel 🙂 I hope the weather will be great and better breakfast 😀

  2. We we’re actually planning to go there last weekend kasi nga it has a playground and petting zoo.. Thank you for your honest review and thanks for sharing! We’ll try to go here next time we get the chance 🙂

  3. Based on your blog post, I definitely want to visit! I’ve been hearing about Hotel Kimberly for a while now, but was kinda 50/50 about it. Yours is the first writeup about the hotel that made me go “Okay, I really want to bring my family there!” Thanks for being honest about the hits and misses! It’s a great way to manage expectations. 🙂
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