Baby Shower at Medela House, Cymplified!

Medela Moms’ The Breastfeeding Club held its baby shower and since I was not a member, I had to pay 500Php registration fee. I don’t think I would have gone if it wasn’t for my friend Beth who is a member and couldn’t attend because she’s having her ge-lai/gue-lai* after giving birth to baby Rori. I went on her behalf.

I’m glad I did because:

  • It was different, at least for me. It was a baby shower for many moms-to-be like me, and it was us who got to win the prizes for the games and raffle.
  • Although I didn’t get to be introduced to the other moms, it was fun and everyone seems friendly to everyone.
  • I got to buy insect repellent wristbands from Mommy Matters for the kids to try. Rix and I were looking out for inexpensive ones especially now that Dengue cases are on the rise again.
  • I won a week’s supply of Mommy Treats’ lactation cookies and muffins from a Baby Charades game, and I also got to meet the mompreneur Ms. Paola. I think I would need these after I give birth.
  • I also won 2 boxes of Pro-Lacta tablets.
  • And my name got called when a baby sling from Mamaway was being raffled off. Yey! I’m glad I got to talk with the entrepreneur behind Mamaway (I forgot to ask her name, silly me!), she told me that my bra size seems like a medium. I think I’m gonna get nursing bra two as shown on their site.
I guess God is telling me to go ahead and breastfeed, too. I just need to trust that He will see me through this new journey. It is very easy to get discouraged because I know that the first steps are truly the most difficult. I should not be tempted to buy formula if I really want to breastfeed exclusively. The thought is daunting, but there are moms who have done it so that means it is an attainable goal.


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6 thoughts on “Baby Shower at Medela House, Cymplified!

  1. I say go ahead and breastfeed. I never had the chance as I didn’t have the patience before but looking back, I now regret not having breastfed my kids. not that they’re sickly or anything but just for the experience…too late now. i can’t have anymore kids. i’m at that age.

    btw, i hired carpenters and not a contractor. let me know if you want to hire their services, i’d give you the head carpenter’s number.
    cherry of really interesting projects recently posted..speaking of loans

  2. im glad you went! you so deserve to have time for yourself. it’s seriously hard and take a lot of willpower and determination to push through. but i truly wish you give it a try. my trick – whenever i find myself on the brink of quitting. i tell myself, i’ll quit tomorrow. then the next day, i tell myself the same thing. then the next. so i end up just cheating myself into breastfeeding… im here when you need me!
    beth limchu recently posted..My Big Baby Birthing Experience

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