Books of the Bible Song, Cymplified!

books of the Bible

Grabbed this video from Chris of What an interesting way of memorizing the books of the Bible! Until now, I have not done so, even though I came from a Christian high school. *sheepish grin* It was unexpectedly sort of like mainstream light rock in melody. How about you? Do you know the books of the Bible by heart? :-) … [Read more...]

Promise, Cymplified!

Scout's Promise

"Promises are made to be broken." It seems this holds true these days, even among friends and family. And it is sad that words aren't honored anymore. And there's nothing we can do but to forgive them for breaking their promises. It is just disheartening to count on them anymore.I feel such a huge guilt because I promised my daughter we would take her to the beach come vacation. School is about to start and we haven't gone out of town yet. It's too bad that we cannot afford to, yet. But I hope … [Read more...]